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The Gamelab Press MediaCenter is the meeting and assistance point for all the journalists who attend the congress. It is now available to the press to arrange interviews related to the event. During the two days of the congress, Gamelab’s team journalists will be available to advise accredited media and journalists on the various opportunities for content creation and the possibility of working in various spaces of the Mediatic building.

The central point of the Press MediaCenter will be located in the Altell room area of the MediaTIC building and will be available throughout the entire congress.

For any query or clarification related to the press, journalists can contact the email pr@gamelab.es or contact by phone with:

  • Cristina Hernandez: 649 56 13 71
  • Ricardo Malumbres: 607 58 58 88
To be registered to the event, those interested must fill in the form or send a written request by email at pr@gamelab
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