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A global think-tank

and influence platform that helps shaping the future of games as the most powerful social, economic and cultural medium.

Gamelab is an influence platform founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Ivan Fernandez Lobo. Ever since then, the organisation has been pushing the development of games industry talent and business ecosystems around the world, creating one of the most recognised leadership networks in the world.

Gamelab is devoted to creating quality events where international professionals, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors from the digital entertainment space get inspired and share innovative ideas and projects.

Gamelab activities connect, empower and inspire the next generation of digital creators to play an active role in shaping the future of interactive playgrounds and experiences.

The list of guests and speakers that have participated in Gamelab events includes some of the world’s most legendary creators, leading executives, game changing pioneers and influential opinion leaders. Some of them, like Commando’s Gonzo Suárez, Playstation’s Mark Cerny, Games Workshop’s Ian Livingstone, Indie Hero Rami Ismail or VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi, also very influential to the organisation as longtime project advisors.

Gamelab events are recognised  worldwide as a safe and inspiring space for the industry in which ideas, narratives and projects arise to empower the industry to help shape the vision that society and its main agents have of video games.

Retaining and escalating Gamelab’s value and influence in Barcelona

The success of the original strategic alliance established in 2011 between Gamelab and the main public and private stakeholders, has led to the recent creation of a new entity that is called to retain and escalate in Catalonia the value and the impact created for almost two decades around the Gamelab brand and it’s global events.

Joining the likes of other successful initiatives for the city and the country like Mobile World Congress, Sonar, OFF festival or ISE, Gamelab’s ultimate mission is to help push Catalonia and Spain into becoming one of the most important technology and creative hubs in the world.

Gamelab’s more specific objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • To accelerate the understanding of video games importance and influence as a global social, economic and cultural medium. 
  • To enable a powerful knowledge transfer platform that empowers people’s career and opportunities within this sector.
  • To promote and facilitate the conversation between public and private stakeholders, looking to push the healthy and sustainable development of the sector and of the medium.
  • To help Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain become the most important hub in the world for game industry talent, projects, businesses and investment.
  • To empower people engaging with the brand and its events, giving them motivation and the tools to drive positive changes in their companies/organizations, and of course in their own careers.

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Founder and Director Gamelab / General Secretary DeviCAT

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Coordination Gamelab BCN 2023


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