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Únete a más de 120 líderes de la industria europea
celebrando los juegos como un sueño compartido

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CEO at UNION Avatars: Linking Realities

Projects Manager at Polo de Contenidos Digitales Málaga

Tech Team Leader

CEO at Finanpolis

Co-Founder/CEO at Sloyd

Games Biz Director // Label Cult Leader at CULT Games

Strategy and Innovation for Culture and Media

Co Founder and CEO at Tap Tap Tales

Team coordinator FP dual. Educació Generalitat de Catalunya

Head of Studio at FunPlus

Real-time graphics technology at Netflix.

Venture Partner at The Games Fund

CEO / Co-founder & Gamer Director at Aeternum Game Studios

London Venture Partners

Data Scientist at Socialpoint & Lead Women in Data Europe

Studio Manager at Ubisoft Barcelona

CEO & Co-Founder at Garage51 Entertainment

Director of Madrid in Game

HR Director at Gameloft Barcelona

Technical Artist at Ubisoft

Founder and head of IP Dev

Economist - Freelance

Founder Kinetix

CEO and Founder Didimo

CEO and Co-founder at Freeverse.io

Senior Engagement Manager at King

CEO & Entrepreneur

CEO/Creative director DigixArt

CEO at The Breach Studios

Senior Technical Executive Producer at IO Interactive

Founder CM Games

Director of Studio at El Ranchito

Director of Production at Infinity Ward

CEO at Herobeat Studios

Cultural producer and video game curator. Co-founder of GAIA

Investor at Boost Capital Partners

Strategy & Business Development at Reensport

Director del programa Catalunya Media City

COO & Co-Founder at Ready Games

Co-founder and bus Dev Melbot Studio

Founder 22cans

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at PRISMATIKA

Board member of Plataforma per la Llengua

Business Development Director at MY.GAMES

VP People & Culture at Sandsoft

CEO & Co-founder at Petoons Studio

Creative Director & Co-Founder at Petoons Studio

Chief Executive of Charisma.ai.

CEO, Boardmember and strategic advisor at GameHouse

Head of Business Landing Services at Barcelona Activa

Lead Game Designer at FunPlus

Senior Portfolio Manager at Kepler Interactive

Director, Graphics Engineering at Epic Games

Digital Media & Games focused Investment Bank

Lead & Principal Core Engine Programmer at IO Interactive

Professor at Institut Tecnològic de Barcelona

Directora general de Industrias Culturales, Propiedad Intelectual y Cooperación.

General Partner, Hiro Capital

Technical artist at Ubisoft

Business advisor at Barcelona Activa

CEO at Abylight Studios

CEO -Founder and Director Gamelab / General Secretary DeviCAT

CTO at Madrid in Game

Director of Data Science at King Barcelona

Investment Analyst at Dozen Investments

Former VP Creative at Mediatonic Games

Director of Finance and Operations at Digital Legends

Executive Vice President at Digital Development Management

Co-founder & CEO at Level Up

CEO and Co-Founder of coherence.

Co-Founder & CEO at LitLab Games

Founder of SKILLfull

Head of Fellowship at Astra

VP, Head of Central Insights at King

CEO & Studio Head at Digital Legends Entertainment

CEO at Mode 7

Co-founder & CEO at RolldBox Games

Senior Publishing Producer

Directora General d'Innovació i Cultura Digital

Senior Producer at Parallel

Cap del Servei de Foment del Català a l'Audiovisual at Generalitat de Catalunya

Director at F2P Campus

Director, Global Partnership and Investment Tencent

Virtual Production Supervisor

Veteran game developer

Founder & Designer at Gamified System

Freelance Game Designer & Product Manager

Experimental Playful Hardware Designer

Investment Services Director at Digital Development Management

Game Maker / Head of Studio at Social Point (Zynga/Take-Two Interactive)

Senior Startups Manager at ACCIÓ

Creative Director at Abylight

Global Talent Special Projects Director at Ubisoft

Senior Game Designer / Gameloft Barcelona

Directora d’Innovació, Recerca i Estratègia Digital de la CCMA

Lead GD / co-founder at Evil Zeppelin

Director of User Acquisition at FunPlus


Global Senior Executive in the Videogames Development, specialized in video games and interactive media development and live services.

Director of Product at Rovio

Director of Production at Digital Legends Entertainment

General & Creative Director at Marinva. Games and Toys Strategic Director at Abacus Cooperativa

Director of Technology and Visual Art at Infinity Ward

Art Director at Parallel Studios

Partner at Cookie Box | Academic Director ENTI-UB

Professor at Institut Tecnològic de Barcelona

Executive Producer at HEXWORKS

Co-Founder & Creative Director at Melbot

Head of Game Analytics at Socialpoint

Head of Operations (Paradox Tinto)

VP, Publishing (Europe & LATAM) & General Manager Barcelona at FunPlus

Texture Artist at Ubisoft

Founder & Consultant at C Font Consultoría

Executive Director at GameBCN.

Owner, Mercury Steam Entertainment

Senior Director of Data Analytics at Zynga/Vice President of Analytics at SocialPoint

Publishing Director & Head of Production at Raiser Games

Director, ID@Xbox

Texture Artist at Ubisoft

Studio Head of IOI Barcelona

COO & Co-Founder of Games for a Living (GFAL)

CEO & Co-Founder at ViVa Games Studios

General Manager / Game Director at Piccolo Studio

VP Head of Studio Genjoy, at Scopely

CGO & Gamification Consultant at AdventuriQ

VP of Marketing at Super Evil Megacorp

Emotional Game Designer | CEO at 3ofCups Games