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Gamelab BCN 2019

>news >The creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft auto will be honored at Gamelab

The creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft auto will be honored at Gamelab

David Jones is a Scottish video game programmer and businessman who founded the computer game company Realtime Worlds in 2002. Jones worked as creative director of the company creating the acclaimed videogame series Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto.

Jones’ career includes more than 30 titles published for all platforms including the Crackdown franchise for the Xbox 360 console.

Jones is also the founder of Cloudgine, a technological platform that allows developers to use the power of the cloud to speed up the calculation of physical simulations in massive games. Cloudgine has been in the news this year when it was acquired by Epic Games, developers of the Unreal engine and the worldwide hit Fortnite. After the purchase Jones became the director of strategy of computing in the cloud.

This successful trajectory of more than three decades in the videogame sector has earned him the recognition of the Spanish community of video game creators and the Professional Career Award awarded by Gamelab Barcelona in collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Sciences Interactive. Jones will personally pick up the award on June 27, the first day of the Gamelab Barcelona congress, and will hold a conversation about the milestones of his career and his vision of the sector with the journalist Robert Purchese from Eurogamer.