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Gamelab BCN 2019

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Technologies that expand the reach of videogames

Like every year, Gamelab presents the technological innovations called upon to transform the way we create and enjoy videogames to the creative community.

Africa Perianez, founder of studio Yokozuna Data will speak about her automated learning platform for predicting player behavior. With an incredibly precise method of analyzing motivations and strategic ways of thinking, this platform not only allows for better online game pairing or in-game purchase prediction, it also helps prevent potentially addictive behaviors, while respecting its users’ anonymity.

Jeferson Valadares, CEO and cofounder of Doppio Games will talk about the voice-controlled games sector, which includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And Jordi Janer, founder and CEO of Voctro Labs, will explain to developers for the first time why his AI voice technology, Voiceful, opens news doors to new, never-before explored creative spaces in the field of videogames.

For his part, the Hollywood-based Russian film director and producer, Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch, Ben Hur) will present Screenlife, a technology developed by studio Bazelevs, which offers a new digital language for creating complete narrative-based projects from a screen. Using new tools and semiotic elements, Bekmambetov proposes making the leap to producing cinema exclusively for computer screens, in line with the ever-increasing presence of interactive productions on audiovisual streaming platforms.


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