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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Tatiana Kondratyeva

About The Speaker

Tatiana Kondratyeva

Executive Producer at Etermax

I have joined Etermax in 2018 in order to start the first European studio in Europe’s hottest IT capital – Berlin. Throughout our first year here we scaled up our team from 2 people to 16, worked a lot on gaining recognition in Germany, launched our first game and now we are about to launch the second one.


I come from Moscow, Russia, where I started with my career in games more than 12 years ago. Games were always my biggest passion and I made it all the way up from being in QA to my current role of an Executive Producer at Etermax. Prior to Etermax I have been working at Glu Mobile at the times where mobile Free-to-pay games were just an arising trend. I have moved to Germany 6 years ago to join Wooga as a Product lead, where I got a chance to work on two amazing mobile puzzle games.

I really appreciate the challenge of establishing a new studio for Etermax from scratch, and even more so, being one of a few women holding a role like this.