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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Sarah Elmaleh

About The Speaker

Sarah Elmaleh

Voice actor (Anthem, Gone Home)

Sarah Elmaleh (@selmaleh) is an actor best known for voicing both AAA and critically acclaimed indie titles, including player characters Katie in Gone Home and the female Freelancer in BioWare’s Anthem. An advocate for collaborative best practices and good working conditions in games, Sarah has spoken at events such as GDC and the Tribeca Film Festival, curated panels for Games for Change, and acted as Game Maker Relations at IndieCade. She has also served for several years as an IGF Audio juror and co-host/director of the IndieCade Awards. Both her artistic work and community advocacy are driven by the desire to foster intimate yet far-reaching interpersonal connection, and she is extremely proud and excited to help launch gamedev.world