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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Mike Pondsmith

About The Speaker

Mike Pondsmith

Creator of Cyberpunk 2020, consultant Cyberpunk 2077

Michael Alyn Pondsmith is an American roleplaying, board, and video game designer. He is best known for his work for the publisher R. Talsorian Games, where he developed a majority of the company’s role-playing game lines since the company’s founding in 1982. Pondsmith is credited as an author of several RPG lines, including Mekton, Cyberpunk, and Castle Falkenstein.

Before starting his career as an RPG designer, he worked in the video game industry designing the packaging for the Japanese games to be marketed on the western market.

He currently works with CD Projekt Red as a consultant for the adaptation of one of the most anticipated games of 2020: Cyberpunk 2077.