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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Manuel Bartual

About The Speaker

Manuel Bartual

Director at editorial ¡Caramba!,

Manuel Bartual has written and directed a dozen short films and a feature film (All Your Secrets), drawn comics in publications such as “El Jueves” or “Orgullo y Satisfacción” and designed for El País, Santillana, Astiberri and Es Pop, among others. He also directs, along with Alba Diethelm, the editorial ¡Caramba!, Specialized in humor comics. In 2017 the story of his mysterious vacation became a global trending topic and was read through Twitter by hundreds of thousands of people. A year later, in August 2018, he published another thread written with Modesto García with a similar reception: the story of Nela García and # RedMonkey. “El otro Manuel” (Planeta, 2018) is his first novel.