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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Josef Fares

About The Speaker

Josef Fares

Writer&Director of Brothers and A Way Out

This filmmaker turned gamemaker is the writer and director of the critically acclaimed video games A Way Out and Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

He is wild and unpredictable with a mission to push the creative boundaries of how games are played and perceived.


As a young film director Josef came on to the Nordic film scene with a boom in 2000, with his first feature Jalla! Jalla!, he has since directed six feature films. Josef capitalizes on his feature film experiences to bring great visual and emotional storytelling to the world of video games. The core of any Hazelight game will always be a great story!


In 2011 Josef partnered up with Starbreeze to create his first video game, Brothers – A tale of two sons. After finishing Brothers he founded his own studio Hazelight in 2014 and set out to bring split screen couch co-op back into our gaming lives. This was considered to be a huge gamble and when he introduced the friend pass (Allowing a friend to play the full game online for free), many would think that he was crazy, but A Way Out proved to be a huge success with 1 million copies sold in just two weeks.


Josef has a contagious passion for video games that can’t be missed and has already become an internet phenomenon.