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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Jon Neverdie Jacobs

About The Speaker

Jon Neverdie Jacobs

Virtual Reality Celebrity

Jon was born in England, he is an actor, musician and filmmaker. He is known for his gaming anthems, I Am My Avatar and Gamer Chick and indie movies Hey DJ the Movie, Lucinda’s Spell and the upcoming Lost Angelas. In 2002 inside Entropia Universe he created the iconic Avatar NEVERDIE and he became the first gamer to make a Million dollars inside a Virtual World. Jon’s Club NEVERDIE made the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records as the most valuable virtual item. Jon founded NEVERDIE Studios and has worked with Michael Jackson, Lemmy and Universal Studios bringing KING KONG, ZOMBIE KONG and The THING to Virtual Reality. NEVERDIE Studios developed and operates the ROCKtropia Virtual World, the first and only MMORPG to fully disrupt all existing gaming business models by providing Real gamified Jobs that pay any user $10 Per month to play. In 2016 Jon was elected the First President of Virtual Reality with a mission to create a Billion Jobs in VR. In 2017 Jon  launched the NEVERDIE Coin and the Teleporter Token on the Ethereum Blockchain to facilitate virtual world democracy and finance development of cross platform blockchain games and DApps including AmeVRica and Payatar to drive the growth of a decentralized trillion dollar Virtual Goods economy.