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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Dan Da Rocha

About The Speaker

Dan Da Rocha

Founder and Game Director at Ten Hut Games

Dan is the Founder and Game Director at Ten Hut Games. He broke into the games industry straight from University with hit indie game, Q.U.B.E., and was able to pay back its investment within 4 days of the game being on sale. Since then, he has grown a full-time game studio and after 8 years in the industry, has released several critically acclaimed and commercially successful titles such as Q.U.B.E. 1, Q.U.B.E. 2 and Hue across 8 gaming platforms. Dan is also a regular attendee of game conferences across the globe, doing public speaking, offering advice and inspiring the next generation of game developers.  

Dan has won and been nominated for over 30 awards and he often guest lectures at universities and schools to inspire young developers and show them what’s possible.