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Gamelab BCN 2019

>Charlie Cleveland

About The Speaker

Charlie Cleveland

Designer of Subnautica

Charlie Cleveland is a  video game designer and programmer. He has been working on his own PC games and professionally for other companies for over a decade.

He is the director of the first Subnautica and co-founder of Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Charlie has worked on many types of action and strategy games. He was a game programmer on Stainless Steel Studios’ successful Empire Earth, a key member of the small team at CogniToy on the critically-acclaimed MindRover, and was the sole programmer, game designer and team lead on Natural Selection.

He directed all aspects of production on Natural Selection, including art design, sound design, game world creation, level design, scheduling, website and public relations. He has also done extensive ongoing work in game balance, usability, community development and support for organized play. 

Charlie is active in the game development community, and has been an organizer of the Boston IGDA chapter, and a contributor to Game Developer Magazine and other publications.