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Gamelab BCN 2019

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Co-founder of Nomada Studio

Founder and CEO of Yokozuna Data

Technical Director at Media Molecule

Venture Partner at Atomico

Indie Developer: Baba Is You

Designer and Director: PUBG

Co-founder of Nomada Studio

Writer and director: God of War

Founder and Game Director at Ten Hut Games

Indie Developer: Unmemory

CEO at Novarama

President, CEO and Founder – Quantic Dream

Lead writer for GamesBeat

Co-founder, JUMPSHIP

President at Feerik Games.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Paradox Interactive

Co-founder and co-CEO of Social Point

Co-founder at Flavourworks

Writer 'Alt-Frequencies'

CEO and Co-founder of Doppio Games

Author, screenwriter and video game designer: Prince of Persia

co-founder and director of Voctro Labs

Writer&Director of Brothers and A Way Out

Founder, Beautiful Glitch

CEO, Geogrify

Senior Designer: FIFA

Director of Community Safety & Digital Civility for Roblox

Director at editorial ¡Caramba!,

Editor-in-chief of GamesIndustry.biz

General Partner at Makers Fund

Founder and Director of SpecialEffect

Cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Chairman and cofounder of the Electronic Sports Group

Director of The New Interactive Technologies School or ENTI-UB

Designer at 22cans

CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity

Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer

President and Co-Founder: Gearbox Software

Co-founder of Nomada Studio

Game Director at Insomniac Games

Voice actor (Anthem, Gone Home)

Director of VR Product Development at Sony London Studio

Executive Producer at Etermax

Hollywood Director and Screenlife founder