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Gamelab BCN 2019

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Creator of Cyberpunk 2020

Writer, Uncharted Saga

Lead Game Designer, Uncharted Saga

Former president of Worldwide Studios

Director, Global Game Jam

Professor & founding director, USC Games

Vice president of Games, BAFTA.

Creator of American McGee’s Alice

Creative director, Giant Sparrow

Founder. Double Fine

Lead Designer, Doom 3

Designer of Subnautica

Founder and CEO, Supercell

Creator of Counter Strike

Director, Metal Gear Solid Movie.

CEO, Smilegate Entertainment

Life president, Square Enix

Head of Marketing & Partnership, Dapper Labs

CEO at Novarama

Co-founder, JUMPSHIP

Chairman and cofounder of the Electronic Sports Group

Founder and CEO of Etermax

Group COO Stillfront / Venture Partner Atomico

Virtual Reality Celebrity

Head of Developer Partnerships at Enjin

Veteran games industry executive, Angel Investor

COO, Kowloon Nights

Director, Humble Games.

Chief Designer Officer, DragonBox

Pioneer in the design of the online and multiplayer gaming industry

Co-founder and COO at Pixowl

Creator, Shadow cloud.

Lead writer for GamesBeat

Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer

Content creator, Youtube

Samuel Molina, ‘FuKuy’: Game Designer

Publishing Director, Tequila Works.

Executive Officer, Animoca Brands

co-founder & CEO, Genvid Technologies