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>sunset post

Due to space limitation, only a small number of games will be showcased at the Indie Sunset. If you’d like yours to be one of them, please let us know by filling out the registration form. A jury of industry experts (tba) will make a selection of projects that will be communicated and/or showcased during the event.

Showcase: We will show the best indie games of the area. For that reason, the projects should register in this link, and a jury of experts (to be announced) will decide which projects will appear on it. The rest of projects will appear on a video and the developers can come to the networking event, but take care, because space is limited.

Networking: After the roundtable we will make a networking event with some tricks to make it effective. We will make a guided tour of the event to people from the press and industry, each person will have its own ticket showing its group of work and interest, and we will share who is attending before the event to help in making the connections during the event.

Roundtable: We will talk about the state of Indie Game Development today. With big names like Marina Diez (IGF, Dordogne), Rami Ismail (Nuclear Throne, Luftrausers), Eduardo Aparicio (Prismatika, Humble Bundle), and more that will be announced in the future.