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 Mediatic, Palau de la Música, Tech Barcelona


Join 120+ European industry leaders celebrating games as a shared dream

Gamelab Barcelona 2023

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Chief Executive of Charisma.ai.

Co-Founder/CEO at Sloyd

Founder Kinetix

Founder of SKILLfull

Digital Media & Games focused Investment Bank

Founder 22cans

General Partner, Hiro Capital

CEO/Creative director DigixArt

Senior Publishing Producer

Founder and head of IP Dev

Director, ID@Xbox

Emotional Game Designer | CEO at 3ofCups Games

Founder CM Games

CEO and Founder Didimo

These are some of the reasons

why people like you are attending Gamelab Barcelona

"Just like city of Barcelona, the great moment I spent at the event was filled with passion, friendliness and inquisitiveness."

<Final Fantasy creator />

"Gamelab offers a great roster of speakers and a potent audience representing every facet of games. It’s an action-packed and well run event."

<Founder Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate/>

"Gamelab is a wonderfully efficient conference that inspires new ideas and facilitates top connections you'd normally never get the chance to do at other shows."

<Gamification Guru/>

"Gamelab is incredible. They always bring together top speakers, as well as a passionate and multicultural audience that transmits energy and passion to the event. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to participate."

<Co-Founder and Creative Director Harmonix Music Systems/>

"Gamelab is an incredibly inspiring and rewarding experience bringing together top developers with gaming luminaries from around the world. "

<Founder Double Fine/>

"Gamelab has an energy and a vibe quite different from what I've seen at other conferences. An unforgettable anyone who attends."

<Playstation Lead Architect/>

"Gamelab is the best games industry event I ever attended. I always return to the office with a valuable collection of contacts, ideas, and an actionable to-do list inspired by the issues discussed."

Li Ma
<Director at Tencent />

"Gamelab surpassed all of my expectations. It's a world class event with an impressive speaker lineup and a warm and thoughtful audience.."

<Founder & CEO Haven Studios/>

"Gamelab's 360º view of interactive entertainment inspires new original ideas and business opportunities, something that rarely happens in other traditional games industry events"

<Founder Games Workshop and Life President Square Enix/>

The best place for games

For almost two decades, Gamelab has played an essential role in the city and country's strategy, inspiring, empowering and connecting a whole generation of local companies and leaders, around a shared dream: creating the best place on earth for developing and operating video games and interactive entertainment projects and companies. Don’t miss our exclusive program of round tables, panels and professional seminars, delivered by top talent and C-level executives from local and international studios already sharing the dream of living in the best place for games.

Gamelab Barcelona content tracks and hot topics

-Video Games industry trends
-Project financing
-Studio management
-Talent management and human resources
-Investment and M&A
-Game development and operation
-Publishing, legal & business affairs
-Creative direction and IP creation
-Marketing, PR and community building.
-Innovation (AI, Web3, VR/AR, …)
-Educational and incubation programs
-Ecosystem development and competitiveness

These are the institutions and companies making Gamelab Barcelona possible

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Strategic partners

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Companies and institutions represented
in the conference program

Herobeat Studios,  LitLab,  Freeverse,  Hiro Capital,  SandSoft,  Skillful,  Epic Games , Zeppelin,  LVP,  Viva Games,  Adventuriq,  Finapolis,  Tencent ,  22 Cans ,  Kinetix,  Didimo,  Mercury Steam Entertainment,  Charisma,  DigixArt,  Chucklefish,  Xbox,  Agnitio Capital,  Cultgames, Leverage Partners,  DDM,  CMGAmes,  Sloyd,  CM Games, …
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