Gamelab Barcelona is a market-accelerator event for games and interactive entertainment companies and projects. This event’s main objective is helping out the growth of new business initiatives in the European games sector, with special attention to those ones in an early stage of development. Gamelab also serves as an effective hub for local companies looking to expand their business globally and for those international companies that want to enter the European and/or Latin American markets.

Games & Digital Entertainment Conference

Top creators and executives from all around the world analyze the technical, creative and business trends and challenges that will guide the future of digital entertainment in Europe and across the world. Hot topics are established and emerging game markets, next game platforms, digital stores, online gaming, new business models, social and mobile gaming, etc..

The speaking talent at Gamelab is impressive and the audience is enthusiastic! There is an energy to the event quite different from what I've seen at other conferences, my week in Barcelona was definitely unforgettable.


Playstation 4 Lead Architect

Gamelab is a wonderfully efficient conference in a setting that really encourages connection with interesting developers you'd normally never get a chance to talk to. I came away with a ton o great contacts, and great ideas


CEO Schell Games / Gamification guru

Being able to participate in Gamelab as both a developer and a speaker was a great experience. I learned a lot, and the show's hosts took great care of us, probably one of the best convention experiences I've ever had.


Creative Director Obsidian Entertainment

Gamelab is one of the most exciting and exclusive game conferences I have been invited to speak at. It was a great to share stage and a very warm networking atmosphere with hundreds of very talented game professionals, and some of the industry's leading creative minds.


Games Guru King

Just like city of Barcelona, the great moment I spent at the event was filled with passion, friendliness and inquisitiveness.


Founder of Mistwalker

Gamelab offers a great roster of speakers and a potent audience representing every facet of games. It’s an action-packed and well run event.


Founder of EA and Digital Chocolate

I thoroughly enjoyed Gamelab, the energy of the event was amazing, the level of talent involved top notch, and Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world


Creative Director at Epic Games

I really enjoyed participating in Gamelab. Its vision goes beyond just videogames. Its 360º view of digital entertainment inspires new business opportunities using interactive content, something not usually covered by traditional games industry events


Life President SquareEnix

Gamelab is for us one of the most important events in the year. It helps communicate our products strongly to the European markets and offers us a great visibilty among our potential business clients


Creative Director and Founder at MercurySteam Entertainment ‘‘

With the successful move to Barcelona in 2011, Gamelab has become very appealing for international companies, especially those ones catering games for hispanic audiences in all parts of the Western world


CEO Gameforge

Gamelab has grown to be a reference event for the European games professionals and companies, effectively connecting game studios, distribution channels and industry media


Senior Vice-President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Gamelab showed me a good amount of great developers making high quality games for all existing platforms. If you are looking for some impressive creativity and technical talent I would recommend you making a stop at this conference


Vice President and COO of the EA Games Label

For Bigpoint as developer and publisher of online games the Spanish market and Spanish speaking people play a very significant role. Therefore, thank you for hosting such a wonderful and successful international video games conference in Spain. The quality of the speakers and papers were excellent, the location provided an outstanding atmosphere for conference members to interact and to get to know each other


CFO of Bigpoint

I speak at many events across the world, but the audience questions that followed my Gamelab talk were the most interesting and thought-provoking I’ve ever been asked. ‘If Shakespeare were alive today, would he be writing virtual worlds? Wow!


Creator of MUD and pioneer of the online Virtual Worlds

Gamelab surpassed all of my expectations. The speaker lineup was impressive, the talks were inspiring and the crowd was warm and thoughtful. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to participate in this world class event.


Managing Director - Ubisoft Toronto

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