Welcome to the 7th edition of the annual Spanish Games Conference and Expo, one of the most influential Games Industry event in Europe and the Latin World.

Gamelab annually reaches a highly targeted audience of over 2000 participants, including game developers, publishers, investors, service providers, press/media, public institutions, academics and personel from other related digital industries.

Enjoy outstanding opportunities of learning, sharing ideas, communicating and networking, participating in one of the fastest growing events in Europe, and with the extra of being in Barcelona, one of the world's favourite cultural and touristic destinations.

Professional Conference

Boost your business visibility by speaking to a highly targeted audience of hundreds of industry professionals and business delegates from all around Europe and Latin America.

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Expo Floor

Promote and sell your products and services showcasing in front of key media representatives and decision makers of the Spanish Industry of Games and Digital Entertainment.

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Networking place

Exclusive space for meeting and gathering between companies where you can talk about topics such as strategy, company vision, business oportunities and commercial relations, improving contact between attendants and guests.

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Gamelab Awards 2011

After three years, Gamelab Awards renew: they'll be given by the members of the recently created Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, who'll be voting and selecting the awarded.

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Ian Livingston

Life President Eidos

“I really enjoyed participating in Gamelab. Its vision goes beyond just videogames. Its 360º view of digital entertainment inspires new business opportunities using interactive content, something not usually covered by traditional games industry events.”

Richard Bartle

Creator of MUD and pioneer of the online Virtual Worlds

“I speak at many events across the world, but the audience questions that followed my Gamelab talk were the most interesting and thought-provoking I’ve ever been asked. ‘If Shakespeare were alive today, would he be writing virtual worlds? ‘Wow!”

Bryan Neider

Vice President and COO of the EA Games Label

“I was impressed with the high quality of games, for nearly every platform, that I saw at GameLab. It is worth your time to stop in at this conference and check out some impressive creativity and technical talent coming from the Spanish gaming community.”